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What is an S.S.L Certificate?

An SSL certificate enables your web site to be able to accept and transmit confidential information securely over an encrypted internet connection. Internet users are becoming more aware of the need to see an "HTTPS" prefix in the address bar or the padlock icon on their browser when they submit personal information. An SSL certificate lets you assure your site visitors that their information will be passed securely to your website.

Why would I need an SSL Certificate?

  • If you plan to have an online store or e-commerce site that accepts online orders and credit cards.
  • If you collect sensitive or personal information from your website visitors on your website through web forms.
  • If you allow partners, members, or others to log in to view information securely from your website.
  • If you want to help your customers ensure they are visiting your actual website, avoiding phishing scams or other counterfeiting of your website.
  • If you or your business desire to or are required to comply with privacy and security regulations.

Shared SSL and Private SSL

  • SSL (secure socket layers) encrypts information as it is transferred across the internet.
  • Shared SSL will use a secunets domain and will cause certificate warning messages to pop up on your site.
  • Private SSL will use your domain name and will not cause any warnings messages.
  • Private SSL is preferred for protecting credit card information for E-Commerce websites. This is because shared SSL warnings make people uncomfortable with submitting their credit card information on your website.

Dedicated I.P Address

For you to be able to install a private SSL in your domain you must have a dedicated I.P address. We assist in moving your entire domain into the new I.P address. You can only have 1 dedicated I.P address per shared account. The dedicated I.P address must be assigned to your entire cPanel. Your primary domain and all add-on domains and sub-domains will use the same I.P address. You cannot purchase a dedicated IP for only an add-on domain.

Cost of dedicated I.P Address

We charge an extra 5 dollars per month for each dedicated I.P address purchased from our servers. A bulk purchase will attract a discount. You can pay monthly or annually.

Installation of the certificate in your domain

If you purchased your SSL certificate from Secunets, we will gladly install that SSL certificate free of charge. Anytime you need a third party SSL certificate installed and you cannot install it yourself, you must have our administrators install it for you for a $15.00 one time installation fee. To have a third party SSL installed, you must follow these directions:

A Certificate Signing Request form (C.S.R) must be filled out.

**Please note that all information on the CSR page MUST match the whois for that domain or the SSL will not get issued.

Once you fill out the CSR form give the results to your current SSL certificate provider. The SSL provider will generate and give back an SSL Certificate as well as an SSL CA Certificate (Trusted Authority). These two pieces of information will be encrypted text documents. Typically they will be provided via email as compressed (zipped) attachments.

Now that you have the SSL certificate and the SSL CA certificate, you can contact us for installation.

Cost of Certificate

  • We charge 65 dollars for each certificate ordered into our servers.
  • Renewable after one year
  • Our certificate provider is Geotrust.

GeoTrust Business Validated SSL Certificates

GeoTrust is one of the largest digital certificate providers with millions of customers worldwide. It provides different authentication methods to maximize trust for your business: extended validation, full organization validation or domain authentication.

Organization validated, also known as business or identity validated SSL certificates provide a stronger level of security because they include authentication of the organization behind the domain. They deliver a higher level of security for your customers.

Full business validation

GeoTrust verifies your ownership of the domain name as well as business registration information before issuing the certificate. This provides high assurance to your website visitors


Warranty is the amount payable to your site visitors if they incur losses resulting directly from an online credit card transaction as a result of a mis-issued GeoTrust SSL certificate.

Strong Encryption

The level of security depends on the number of bits used to generate encryption key. All GeoTrust certificates support up to 256-bit encryption.

Site Seal

Site Seals are SSL logos provided for free by GeoTrust. You can place Site Seals anywhere on your website to show visitors your site is secured.


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