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General Platform Features

  • Application based in a web-browser (note: it supports Firefox and Google chrome, but not internet explorer)
  • Comes with a self-installing web-server
  • Any computer can access the system on your local network, like accessing a web-site locally
  • Low server requirements; large data-sets can be run from an average laptop; on the other hand, for more than 10 concurrent users you should invest in a high-end PC.
  • Very low user PC requirements - all the computer needs is to be able to run a web-browser.
  • Unlimited users with over 50 different access rights
  • Every page has a help document.
  • Documentation maintained as a wiki online, so you can contribute.
  • Automatic notification when there is an update. Update delivered over the internet at the press of a button.
  • Many configuration options
  • Integrated global analytics, so you can combine measurements from the NGO analytics, financial system, hr system etc.
  • Audit trails and change histories exist for most data capture.

NGO Analytics

  • Complete flexibility to reflect your work and structure
  • Set up the interventions your field workers do
  • Configure what information you want to record about beneficiaries
  • Calculate real-time outcomes
  • Multiple methods of data capture
  • Flexible import - supports output from cell-phone based data capture
  • Link beneficiaries into groups e.g. families
  • Excellent data quality checks to avoid duplicate beneficiaries
  • Complete analyses of field workers activities tailored for supervision purposes
  • Record non-client activities (e.g. attending meetings) and analyze by category and time spent
  • Can admit beneficiaries to field workers and produce monthly analyses of admitted beneficiaries for each field worker

Financial System
Double entry financial system built from scratch specifically for grass roots NGOs.

  • Integration with Donor Relationship Management System to track restricted funds
  • Fully networked with access rights and unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of cashbooks
  • Bookkeeper certifies document adequacy for all cashbook transactions
  • Flexible levels of control (benevolent tyranny) effectively imitating other financial systems
  • Define your own financial categories
  • Nested tree of user-defined expense categories for reporting
  • Integration with payroll system, to take salaries from accounts with particular expense categories
  • Budgeting
  • Original and revised budgets for each account profiled by month
  • Set budgets for each expense category and review category budgets by month, to help with budgeting grant proposals
  • Auto-revise budgets to keep profiled budgets equal to what you need to spend
  • Budget holder system - grant authority to spend chosen budgets to responsible operations staff
  • Dynamic real-time budget holder reports
  • Online item-by-item review of expenses by budget holders
  • Budget holders can raise online queries to finance staff directly from their budget report
  • View reports in traditional accounting mode, or "fund-friendly" mode for when the fund crosses financial years.
  • Set your own VAT rates.
  • Closure of accounts - all accounts or by fund - preventing amendment.
  • Audit history tracking all double entry amendments
  • Bank reconciliation tools
  • Import electronic bank statement
  • System automatically matches items
  • Or manually match them up
  • Reconciliations for each bank account certified online by book-keeper
  • Certifications summarized in Director's dashboard - a summary of the status of the system
  • Journals can be templates and auto-reversed
  • Automatic grant creditors and debtors journal creation
  • Automatic calculation of unrestricted funds
  • Full ledger searching and printing
  • Budget reports by budget holder or by fund
  • Monthly balance sheet report birds-eye overview
  • Drill down trial balance
  • Data integrity checking report
  • Drill down by expense category
  • Integrated with Intervention Monitoring System (implying unlimited granularity of activity based costing)

Strategy System
Can be used as a business scorecard, or as an easy way to monitor and report activities

  • Construct goals, activities and outputs in a expandable/collapsible tree
  • Choose different vocabulary for each strategy/scorecard
  • Indicators defined with global analytics module
  • Indicators can take measures from any part of the system - FinSys, HR, IMS (if available)
  • See actual against target
  • Roll forward strategy to next year/period
  • Set up regular reminders to staff to achieve objectives
  • Staff can attach documents to each strategy element, such as proposals, plans and reports
  • Look back on previous years to see the development of strategy

Human Resources

  • Define any field you want to record as text, file attachment, number, date, etc
  • Create any number of groups of fields
  • Optionally allow staff to edit their own HR data
  • Option to allow staff to view all their own HR data
  • Create reminders to staff through the messaging system based on date records
  • Organigram shows organizational structure, including photographs
  • Report writer counts people according to any combination of database fields, including user-created fields
  • No limit on number of people
  • Full history for all data, including who captured it and when
  • Analyze people's activities through the intervention monitoring system



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