Our Team

Our Board of Management

They guard and develop our business, adopting the best strategies for the company's current and future growth. They are not only considered great managers, but above all, they are also practiced IT and CyberSecurity professionals. Strong field expertise allows them to foster excellent relationships with Secunets members of staff and future proof their capabilities through deliberate skill development.

Fredrick Wahome (Founder and Chief Strategic Officer)


Antony Kiragu (Chief Technical Officer)

Clinton Karani (Head of Customer Support)

CyberSecurity Support Team

At Secunets, we take what’s called a “defense-in-depth” approach to security

The Security team responds to security issues and proactively looks for opportunities and new ways to strengthen our defenses so we can counter emerging threats and stay ahead of our adversaries.

Our CyberSecurity team is centralized around four areas: prevention; detection and response; measurement and validation; and program and operations. Our prevention pillar proactively reduces a potential attacker’s ability to compromise our data or systems. Our detection and response pillar is focused on identifying and responding to threats. The measurement and validation pillar independently evaluates our prevention, detection and response efforts to ensure they are in line with our risk, and avoid regression. Lastly, our program and operations pillar streamlines communication, drives engagement and optimizes processes for both internal and external security initiatives.

Project Management Team

A group of energetic people who eat, sleep and breathe customer relations. They liaise directly with clients and our production teams. They are often in the firing line, although it is rare for anyone to shoot at them; their aptitude and experience result in legendary collaborations. Salespeople are responsible for preparing offers, negotiations and concluding all manner of assignments. This is a group of the best of the best, crème de la crème.

IT Analysts and Technical Team

These are the great minds that try to walk in our clients’ shoes in order to fully understand their needs and expectations. Without their knowledge and skills, it would be difficult for us to create just the right product. Their reliability and attentiveness to customers’ requirements is vital in the support stage. Analysts create functional and business concepts, while Designers construct IT systems and supervise their implementation to ensure the specifications are meticulously met.


Our Office Location

Chieko Plaza Opp Catholic Church

1st Floor RM A1-5A

Along Southern ByPass

Kikuyu CBD