Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerabilities must be detected and fixed before they are exploited.  We offer a variety of vulnerability scanning options across your network and environments to discover risks, plus Patch Management services to keep vulnerabilities at bay.

Vulnerability management is a process, not a tool. It’s one thing to scan your network for risks, but another to create a plan and take action on those risks.

Secunets’ Vulnerability Management Service combines the essential technology with a responsive team of security experts to act upon threats.

With our services, you will be able to see the threats you face both inside and outside of your network, then take steps to ensure those gaps are closed. Let our team become an extension of your organization’s IT staff.

Vulnerability Identification
Over 400 new vulnerabilities are released each month

Prioritized Risk
Eliminate potential threats with strategic precision

Asset Protection
Your networks, data, and systems are key assets to your organization. With managed security vulnerability scanning, you’ll keep those assets protected.

Vulnerability Prioritization
Not sure where to begin? When you deploy vulnerability scanning, your systems at highest risk will be the first ones prioritized for remediation.

Timely, Effective Remediation
The best way to stop a cyber attacker is to close your vulnerabilities before they’re found. Security scanning is the first step to quickly addressing those gaps.

Executive Reporting
We provide accurate, actionable intelligence

Peace of Mind
When you know your systems are regularly scanned and reviewed for possible weaknesses, you’ll rest a whole lot easier.

When you start to fall behind, you become vulnerable to hackers. We can help you stay on top of patching and updates.


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